About Us - UPMEN Boots

Arrival of the fittest

It began as a realization, which prompted UPMEN's creation by founders Christian Johnson and Dylan Masse. Indeed, it was a recognition that can best be summarized as, "We must take the time to define our own path because we will too quickly find the world defining that path for us."

With a shared passion for "all things boots," this epiphany was quickly followed by action as Christian and Dylan began their journey to remake the boot making world, and they would do so by going back to the roots of the quality, cobbler trade.

Thus, UPMEN Dress Boots were born and a blend of new world styles and old world craftsmanship combined to create a unique boot buying experience. More importantly, we deliver a superior product that is as unique as your personality and crafted to last.

While "New World" styles allow you to claim the levels of distinctiveness you personality wants to claim, the new world consumer environment, trumpeted by non-stop advertising, steers us towards little more than the lowest common denominator to appeal to the widest swathe of people.

UPMEN's premise begins by asking the question, "Why should consumers suffer with mass produced products that offer little to no value, which are offered by big-box stores with little more concern to quality or uniqueness than that which will pad their financial bottom line?"

Our answer is that we should not. That being said however, we've all found ourselves being jostled in the boot aisle of our local, mass-retail outlet of choice, and have paid upwards of $150 for a pair of boots only to discover that that investment was less an investment in fine footwear than an exercise of breaking in uncomfortable boots for six long months only to have to replace them six short months later owing to shoddy workmanship.

Adding two insults to that injury, you'll probably end up going back to the same store a year later and buy the one-year updated version of your old boot, but whilst doing so you will have a lingering suspicion that several of the guys in that aisle are doing the exact same thing. In fact, you think you may remember seeing a couple of these guys from last year's boot buying cattle call.

It's OK; we get it, which is why we decided to change the boot buying experience. To begin, we believe in introducing choice to our customers when it comes to selecting the perfect boot. Towards that end, we have a boot design tool that lets the customer make their own styles. Our boots are created to work with both dress pants and denim, and this tool puts those decisions in your hands.

In addition to the "New World" however, we also promise you the "Old World," and here at UPMEN Men's Dress Boot, we believe in keeping our promises. In terms of making quality boots, we march back in time to 1871 and the invention of the Goodyear Welted Method of boot construction.

Hand-made, Charles Goodyear developed this method that saw the stitching together of upper leather,, welt, and sole into a formidable connection that ensures a strong and durable boot. Indeed, unlike the mass produced boots you'll find lining the shelves of the local retail store, this technique will provide decades of life for your new pair of boots.

As pointed out above, it's time for you to define your own sense of style, and part of your style is that you don't like buying shoddy crap. Try a new boot experience with UPMEN Men's Dress Boots, and discover the last pair of boots you will ever have to buy.