Mobile device tips and tricks

Augmented Reality

UPMEN boots mobile design tool augmented reality AR mode

Augmented Reality (AR) Mode

You will see the icon on compatible AR devices in the picture above. Entering AR mode will allow you to view the boot or share it with friends.

UPMEN boots 3d designer configurator with augmented reality

Entering AR mode

Point your mobile device's camera at a flat surface, floor, or table. Your designed UPMEN boot will appear in roughly a size 9.

Get a close-up

The UPMEN AR model provides excellent detail. Please move the camera close to the boot and do a 360.

More Features in AR

You can view your design in object mode to zoom in and rotate easily, f well as share your design with your friends, or take a picture of your design.

Moblie navigation hints

Navigate 3d model

You can use two finger pinch to zoom in and out. You can use one finger swipe to move the model around.

Select the material

Non-burnished boots you can choose Leather, Full Grain Leather, Suede, Fabric, or Wax Suede. You can choose these options by swiping left or right. Once you have the product you want. Then you can press the next arrow. To apply the material.

Missing materials

If this happens to you, swipe left in the area, and the materials will come across the screen.