Woman's Size Conversion

Converting our sizes to women's sizes involves two steps.

  • Add 1.5 size to the men's size. For example, our smallest men's size will be size 5, which converts to a women's size of 6.5
  • Men's standard D width will be equivalent to women's medium M width.

You can always take advantage of our try-on boot program to ensure you get exactly what you want in terms of fit and comfort.

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Try-on Boot Program

Try-on Boot Program

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Our Try-On Boot Program ensures you get exactly what you want in terms of fit and comfort.

  1. The try-on boot is shipped with a paid return label; please ensure it fits properly before sending it back.
  2. You will have 15 days to return the boot to UPMEN.
  3. After returning the boot, UPMEN will send you information on how to place your new boot order at no additional cost. You will have 15 days to place your order. 


If 15 days have passed without placing a new boot order, we will refund your purchase and deduct up to $25 from your refund amount for shipping. We will only process refunds once we receive the returned try-on boot in reasonable condition with all its components intact (including laces).

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